New Site Launch

Posted: May 11, 2015 16:40
Topics: compass, website

TrueNorth Technology Solutions is proud to welcome you to our company’s new website. This redesign coincides with our public release of Compass Agile Enterprise. We’ve been meticulously developing this platform within our walls for years. Now that CompassAE is allowing businesses to rapidly develop custom applications, we’re rolling out resources to help.


Naturally, this site, including the interactive components and the SaaS back-end, were designed using CompassAE. So our homepage not only provides marketing information and valuable resources, it’s also a demonstration of the visual and functional elegance of Compass Agile Enterprise. We encourage you to explore and welcome your thoughts and questions.


The whole TrueNorth team is committing time and resources to develop materials that will help you capture CompassAE’s incredible potential. We’ve used the system for years in service to our many satisfied clients. You’ll be able to benefit from our experience getting working prototypes to clients in blazing speed and comfortably iterating to success.

Currently, our Resources section has a growing documentation repository, a listing of developers in our network, access to our premium consulting and support services, as well as our video library. There are guides for you to do it yourself as well as an array of experienced services you can employ.

CompassAE is indeed an ambitious project. It’s a CRM, CMS and RAD platform rolled into one powerful suite. There’s a lot to explore and we’re proud to have a new layout that will make it all the more easy.


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