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Compass Agile Enterprise is a powerful, cloud-based platform enabling you to rapidly create and manage beautiful, integrated web & mobile business apps.


Compass Agile Enterprise

One Platform - Three Engines

The first SaaS platform that you can really make your own.

Compass Agile Enterprise is a fusion of website and app builders and a built-in business platform.

The business platform comes with a commerce suite that lets you sell online and manage inventory and shipping. There’s also a productivity suite that lets you manage people, projects, tasks, and time.

What is truly unique about CompassAE is that all of the platform’s functions share a common database and an extensive suite of development tools that you can use to create your own unique apps. Your unique apps work seamlessly with the packaged apps and templates whether you add a mobile app, website or back office innovation.

With simple, friendly licensing and endless flexibility, there isn’t a better way to grow your business or launch a new idea.

Your business, in the cloud

Sell online. Manage customers and invoices. Accept credit card payments.

CompassAE is more than another online shopping cart. The powerful eCommerce tools are integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system out of the box.

Manage your team wherever they are

Manage your work. Manage your people and expenses. Track deliverables. Stay on task.

CompassAE’s Productivity Suite includes tools for keeping teams functioning at peak efficiency. Because the platform includes native mobile tools, it’s the perfect platform to orchestrate teams that work in multiple locations, including field teams.

The ultimate Power Tool

The heart of CompassAE is its development toolkit. It’s a powerful platform for creating beautiful web and mobile apps that work together with the built-in programs.

Starting with a working platform and showing sustainable and organized progress is a game changing way to work. Take a look at what our customers have created!

Compass Agile Enterprise

Key Features

Compass Agile Enterprise delivers critical business technology utilities

Get up and running instantly

Get up and running in minutes. An extensive library of templates will give you a head start on your fully functional web and mobile applications

Pre-built apps and flexible templates

CRM and Productivity Tools are ready to use out of the box. All of the apps are extensible using the same tools you’ll use to add your own custom functions.

Fully-integrated platform

You can easily spend more than half the budget for your app just building a database and integrating components. We’ve taken care of this by integrating all the core components for you, leaving you to focus on your app!

Complete universal database

Start with a complete library of universal data models out of the box, use patterns that have been tested over hundreds of implementations, then customize and extend the models to meet your needs.

App and website builders

CompassAE comes with a powerful, unified website and forms-building toolkit and content management platform.


Are you a coder or do you know one? We love to code, and even though CompassAE gives you so much out of the box, you can always go under the covers to code using standard languages and create your own unique apps!

Your idea, your need
Get CompassAE
Start with prebuilt apps
Use templates & app recipes
Customize or code
Publish and you're live!

Our blog

Updates on CompassAE's development as well as thoughtful discussion

April 27, 2015

New Site Intro

TrueNorth Staff
Announcements, Web Design

TrueNorth Technology Solutions is proud to welcome you to our company’s new website. This redesign coincides with our public release of Compass Agile Enterprise. We’ve been meticulously developing this platform within our walls for years. Now that CompassAE...

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May 12, 2015

Why We Built CompassAE

Rick Koloski
Architecture, Introduction

It's a fair question. There are many tools out there in the tech landscape that could be compared to Compass Agile Enterprise in one way or another. So why CompassAE? Why this set of features?

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May 15, 2015

How Internal Developers Get Started

Russell Holmes

We've got "Getting Started" tutorials and videos, but it might be of interest to know how we get internal developers going on CompassAE, and how the seasoned internal developers start new projects.

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What people say

  • Just 13 months ago we began our quest for a Mobile Fleet Management Application targeted for a single segment of the transportation market. After working with the team at TrueNorth and coming to understand how powerful CompassAE is, we have been able to expand our focus without having to compromise functionality. The team at TrueNorth are truly amazing and the only limit to what they can do was our imagination.

    Ray Lark, CEO - SRS Technologies, LLC.
  • TrueNorth helped us jump start an ambitious plan to incubate, a new offering based on Genband's current and cutting edge technologies. They were the perfect partner, adding a combination of real-world experience and modern technical skills, and as we've built our own team, they remain a valued implementation partner for solutions.

    Paul Plushkell, Chief Strategy Officer - Genband
  • Built on Compass Agile Enterprise, TrueNorth made my dream of a powerful community-of-interest and networking forum come alive in an incredibly short time and very cost effectively. Through their relationship with, we've added real-time interactions, text, voice and video to create an unparalleled experience for industry professionals. This is a game changer.

    Dom Callandriello, CEO - Clover Communications Management
  • Together with the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America and the medical advisory community, TrueNorth used Compass Agile Enteprise to improve the collection of patient-reported data and offer a means by which providers can share up-to-date warnings and other information with the MG community.

    The result is empowering for patients, and for doctors. It can also provide improved information for doctors and other providers managing patients with myasthenia gravis.

    Ted Burns, MD, Director - Neurology Residency Program, University of Virginia School of Medicine